(Version 5.0/1.31.12)

I. Introduction and Purpose

The Wailuku Hongwanji Mission’s (WHM) Board of Directors initiated the Vision 2030 project as a means of defining strategic directions which will enable WHM to successfully increase its capacity to serve as a vibrant home of Jodo Shinshu teachings. This desired outcome is consistent with the mission statement of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii, which states:


The mission of Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii is to share the living Teachings of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism so that all beings may enjoy lives of harmony, peace, and gratitude.


The project’s title, “Vision 2030”, establishes a future reference marker, where temple members and leaders can imagine an energetic, vibrant and community-oriented temple. As part of the Vision 2030 process, the services of Mr. Glenn Hamamura were utilized to conduct a strategic thinking session to help WHM recognize and achieve its significant potential as a community-oriented temple. The results of that session are summarized in the Wailuku Hongwanji Planning Workshop Document which is on file at the WHM temple office.

The purpose of this document is to take the results of the Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Planning Workshop Document and reframe its outcomes to a set of statements and principle, which shall be used to facilitate and guide actions, behaviors and decisions of the Sangha. This guidance is essential in enabling WHM’s members, leaders and ministers to collaboratively work towards a shared vision of WHM’s future.

II. The Vision

Vision 2030: Wailuku Hongwanji-The Community Temple


What is the Community Temple? It is a place of spiritual comfort and compassion. It is a group of dedicated Jodo Shinshu followers committed to the highest standards of daily living. It is an integrated organization of affiliates seeking to meet the needs of the broader island community

III. The Mission

Mission Statement: It is the mission of WHM to embrace and extend The Community Temple through the dedicated practice of our Jodo Shinshu teachings


How do we make the Mission Statement meaningful? We propagate the Eightfold Path by example. We build The Community Temple through acts of Dana for the benefit of our Sangha and the greater island community. We shape future generations with conscience and compassion, with anticipated benefits accruing to the greater community.


IV. Core Values

Core values of WHM are belief statements which guide how we think and act as we move towards Vision 2030, The Community Temple.


We are proud of our Jodo Shinshu heritage; we respect our elders for their wisdom and humility, and for the sacrifice they have made for all

We are grateful for all that sustains us, living in and surrounded by gratitude each moment of our lives

We embrace our Buddhist values through practice in daily living

We respect all membes of our Sangha, accepting each for the strengths they bring to our temple family

We welcome, respect and treat as family members, all visitors and guests who join our services or participate in our events

We value the principles of Dana, supporting temple members and non-members who are in need

We value children and the gift of energy they bring into our temple culture

We seek organizational harmony through respect and collaborative partnering with others

We recognize that each affiliate organization is an integral component of our temple family

We understand that organizations not directly affiliated with our temple, have potential of becoming valued partners

We recognize and embrace the rapidly changing landscape in communication technology; we will utilize new technologies which will connect WHM with the rest of the world

V. The Path to Becoming The Community Temple

Putting action to words is how we become The Community Temple. The actions we identify and implement are a reflection of our continuing consciousness of Vision 2030. Here are a few actions which serve as examples which will lead us to becoming The Community Temple.

Conduct an Open House in conjunction with our Obon festivities to bring greater community awareness of our Temple’s role and significance as a religious and community support organization

Develop a strong social media presence through implementation of online tools such as Facebook and YouTube; formation of a social media committee to develop and maintain our online presence is essential

Develop a welcoming membership philosophy and implement the philosophy through formation of a Membership Committee; the membership philosophy shall focus on the development of positive relationships among members and organizations of our Sangha, as well as with guests and visitors at all functions of the Temple. A specific goal of the Membership Committee shall be to compile a census database for members which shall be used to identify member needs and programs.

Develop a strong activities support group through formation of a Human Resource Support Committee whose responsibilities shall be to develop and maintain a WHM manpower communication “tree”, and organize manpower support for events and activities

In brief, Vision 2030, The Community Temple is achievable. Let us start now.  To print this document click on this link: Vision2030v5p0