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MEMBERS OF TROOP 40 BOY Scouts and Pack 40 Cub Scouts will observe “Scout Sunday,” at the Wailuku Hongwanji temple on Sunday, February 9, with the raising of the flag and the tolling of the bell at 8:00 a.m.

Scoutmaster Celeste Rabang and Cubmaster Jerry Dela Cruz stated that the Scouts and Cubs annually commemorate Scout Sunday on the second Sunday in February. This event commemorates the founding of the Boy Scouts of America via a National Charter from Congress on February 8, 1910. Scout Sunday is celebrated by thousands of Scouts each year at churches throughout the United States.

Scouting supports the spiritual view of life that underlies the teaching of all denominations and faiths. Scoutmaster Rabang would like to invite parents, grandparents, and friends to take part in the service. She invites everyone to enjoy the refreshments that will be served after the service.

HIDEO KAWAHARA AND BETTY YAMASHIRO WERE presented with the 2019 Tadaichi Fukunaga Dana Award at the annual Sokai and Shinnenkai on January 18. The awards were presented by Dana Award chairman George Okamoto and Reverend Shinkai Murakami.

Hideo Kawahara was recognized for his practice of dana by his contributions to the temple and community. He has served as a Board member for our temple, the J. Walter Cameron Center, the Maui Adult Day Care, and the Nisei Veterans Memorial, along with being an officer of the Haleakala Lions Club..

Betty Yamashiro was recognized as a devoted member of the temple and for her contribution to the community. She often visits homebound friends with bentos or to “talk story.” She is energetic, thoughtful, generous, and willing to help others. She spends countless hours on community projects. She can be seen volunteering at the Maui Okinawan Kenjinkai, Paia Rinzai Mission, Maui Japanese Cultural Society, Nisei Veteran’s Center, Lahaina Art Society, and Lahaina Booster Club.

A SPECIAL EITAIKYO SERVICE WILL BE HELD ON Saturday, February 22, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Reverend Shinkai Murakami invites all members to attend this special service. This Eitaikyo Service is special because it is being held for all departed members of our temple, especially individuals who have been placed in our temple’s Eitaikyo Register.

This service gives us the opportunity to quietly meditate or reflect upon the cherished memories of the deceased and remind us of the impermanency of life. This helps us realize our own changing existence. As we recall the countless benefits bestowed upon us by the deceased, there arises within us a feeling of gratitude toward the deceased and others for making life possible for us.

The word Eitaikyo actually means "perpetual sutra." Eitai means "perpetual" and kyo means "sutra," or "teaching of Buddha." The term "Eitaikyo" is defined as a "perpetual memorial service."

The Eitaikyo Service was started because members wished that the Buddha’s teachings would continue to their descendants from generation to generation, and they established the Eitaikyo Fund for the maintaining of their Sangha or temple. The Eitaikyo fund is a separate fund from the temple's other funds, set aside for use by the temple in special circumstances or emergencies. It is a fund that is not to be used for the general upkeep and day-to-day expenses of the temple.

ONE OF THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS RECOGNITION a member may receive from our temple is the Dana Award which will be presented to one of our members at the Annual General Membership (Sokai) meeting and New Year’s Party (Shinnenkai), which will be held at the temple on Saturday, January 18, beginning at 5:30 p.m. The award is named after the late Tadaichi Fukunaga who practiced the Buddhist teachings of Dana, served as an officer and director of our temple, and as an advisor to the Honpa Hongwanji of Hawaii.

To qualify for this award, a member must be a Kyodan member for a minimum of 35 years, an active member of affiliate organizations, participates in community organizations, regularly attends Sunday and major services, practices the Buddhist teaching of Dana, helps propagate the Buddhist teachings, listens to the Dharma, and contributes to his/her temple, family and community.

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