A SPECIAL EITAIKYO SERVICE WILL BE HELD ON Saturday, February 22, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Reverend Shinkai Murakami invites all members to attend this special service. This Eitaikyo Service is special because it is being held for all departed members of our temple, especially individuals who have been placed in our temple’s Eitaikyo Register.

This service gives us the opportunity to quietly meditate or reflect upon the cherished memories of the deceased and remind us of the impermanency of life. This helps us realize our own changing existence. As we recall the countless benefits bestowed upon us by the deceased, there arises within us a feeling of gratitude toward the deceased and others for making life possible for us.

The word Eitaikyo actually means "perpetual sutra." Eitai means "perpetual" and kyo means "sutra," or "teaching of Buddha." The term "Eitaikyo" is defined as a "perpetual memorial service."

The Eitaikyo Service was started because members wished that the Buddha’s teachings would continue to their descendants from generation to generation, and they established the Eitaikyo Fund for the maintaining of their Sangha or temple. The Eitaikyo fund is a separate fund from the temple's other funds, set aside for use by the temple in special circumstances or emergencies. It is a fund that is not to be used for the general upkeep and day-to-day expenses of the temple.