HIDEO KAWAHARA AND BETTY YAMASHIRO WERE presented with the 2019 Tadaichi Fukunaga Dana Award at the annual Sokai and Shinnenkai on January 18. The awards were presented by Dana Award chairman George Okamoto and Reverend Shinkai Murakami.

Hideo Kawahara was recognized for his practice of dana by his contributions to the temple and community. He has served as a Board member for our temple, the J. Walter Cameron Center, the Maui Adult Day Care, and the Nisei Veterans Memorial, along with being an officer of the Haleakala Lions Club..

Betty Yamashiro was recognized as a devoted member of the temple and for her contribution to the community. She often visits homebound friends with bentos or to “talk story.” She is energetic, thoughtful, generous, and willing to help others. She spends countless hours on community projects. She can be seen volunteering at the Maui Okinawan Kenjinkai, Paia Rinzai Mission, Maui Japanese Cultural Society, Nisei Veteran’s Center, Lahaina Art Society, and Lahaina Booster Club.