Namo Amida Butsu

ONE OF THE LARGEST EVENTS HELD ON THE Island of Maui for the year 2013 will be held on October 3rd through October 6th. Yes, it is called the "Maui Fair." Many Mauians (I don't know if it is the correct word—people who live on Maui) look forward to this special 4-day event. During this time, people gather from all over the island and attend the fair.

It is difficult to find parking; so many people park their cars wherever they can find a parking space,even if it is a mile away and walk to the fair ground. There are many enjoyable things at the fairground. First, the people are able to purchase many different kinds of tasty food at the concession booths, which are serviced by different organizations. Second, there are youth activities. They enjoy going on the scary rides and express their joy through their screaming and laughter. Third, the young families who have small children are able to visit the animal farm to see the different animals up close and personal. Getting back to food, our Wailuku Hongwanji's chow fun is well known for its taste. At the Maui Fair concession, our chow fun is always “sold out” before the end of the evening. Why?Because it is so"ONO"and the priceis reasonable. On top of that, it is filled with all of our member's "Magokoro" the "thoughtful mind" in the chow fun. The cooking of the chow fun, brings together affiliated members and friends who support this project. Occasionally, people do not know each other at the beginning of the day but after few hours of cooking the chow fun together, everyone becomes friends as they "talk story" together. They become friends while working together. In the beginning, everyone is kind of reluctant to talk to strangers, but through cooking together, working together they start to open their heart and share the joy of the gathering. I believe the opportunity to work together as a team makes this project and reputation so successful in the community. However, we must remember that there are so many people working behind the scene. These people may not be there at the fairgrounds (van drivers, cash counters, security, pots & pans washers), but they help support this fundraiser. Through everyone's support, we are able to share our great accomplishment. Why? The reason is because

we are all on the same boat called dedication. With the great goal of dedication, the mind of willingness or spirit of gratitude arising from each one of us, we are able to rejoice in the gathering with each other. So, as we work together, it will bring all the different parts together and to complete the wonderful puzzle of joy in our lives. Shinran Shonin gave an example as follows: "Human beings are just like little streams of water floating down from higher places to lower places and that different water from the streams will merge together in the large river and finally all water of the streams will reach into the ocean and will become one.” Through the making of the chow fun, with different people who has different capabilities and personalities, it is amazing that we all become one just like how Shinran Shonin explained that individual people are like a small stream. As everyone mingles together with great wisdom and their compassionate heart of Amida Buddha, all of us area ble to merge one by one and become to rejoice in the happiness together with others. Regardless who you are, we all are able to rejoice in the happiness under the great light and compassion of Amida Buddha. When you discover these true facts, you will realize Buddha's great words: "Your happiness is my happiness and your sadness is mine, too." We all are interdependent and connect with each other through our great karmic relationship. Let's call all of your friends and support our chow fun project and discover the true joy of gathering at the Maui fair ground. Namo Amida Butsu