Namo Amida Butsu

THIS MONTH IS A VERY IMPORTANT MONTH for our temple as we prepare to participate in the Maui Fair. From the ending of September, many of our temple members will be participating in this important fundraising project—making chow fun.

Members wash and cut green onions, cook the pork and bacon, and so on. I feel that preparing for this project is "behind of the scene" and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the supporters. This is the mind of Dana and the spirit of Dana, as it does not look for anything in return from what a person offers others.



I would like share with you one of the warm Dana stories.

One day, a young person went seeking a job because he lost his job a few months ago. The economy was not too good and it was hard for him to find a job. He went from place to place all day, but no one had any job openings. As he walked home in the late afternoon, it was very cold and so he put both hands inside his pockets. While walking home, he discovered an old homeless person that was on the side of the road. When this young man saw him, he wanted to do something nice, but even if he searched for money in his pocket, there was nothing.

This young man went to the side of the homeless person and sat in front of him and said, "I am sorry I don‘t have anything to offer you." Then he holds this homeless person‘s dirty and cold hands and said, "This is the only way I am able to offer something to you, I will hold your hands until your hands get warm."

The two of them didn‘t have any words to exchange, but the homeless person was really impressed with this young person‘s warm and kind heart and expressed his gratitude as his face filled with tears of joy. When his hands got a little warm, this homeless person opened his mouth and said, "I have never received such warm and thoughtful kindness from anybody. I feel so happy and truly appreciated of your warm and kind heart." This homeless person expressed his gratitude a number of times to this young person.

That evening, this young person recalled the homeless person‘s tears and kind words, and he deeply realized that he himself received the warm feeling of spiritual gratitude and happiness in his empty and difficult mind. .

Our lives are always interdependent and we rely upon each other‘s support. Without knowing we may be making a huge impact on others and at the same time, for ourselves as we learn very important values.

As I said our lives are always interdependent, yes, it is true. That is the reason why we express our gratitude by this wonderful word of "Okage samade." Because of you, we are here as we are; because of your kindness we are able to enjoy our precious lives.

Like this simple story, may we always support each other and rejoice in the happiness with others. The great guidance of the Nembutsu is coming from our daily life and the true mind of "Okage samade" is exactly the wonderful life of the Nembutsu.

The Maui Fair will be held on October 2nd through 5th, please support our very important project and rejoice in the happiness with each other.

Nam Amida Butsu