Namu Amida Butsu

WOW! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? THEmonth of October has arrived. Thebiggest event on the Island of Mauioccurs in October—that is our"Maui Fair." It will be a four-dayevent participated by local people, visitors, andmembers of the non-profit organizations.

The attendees to the Maui Fair are offeredvarious entertainment, which include games, karaoke,martial arts demonstrations, plants, vegetables,and craft exhibits, animal judging, a pettingzoo, many varieties of beautiful orchids, lots ofrides, and numerous food concessions.

Those who have been born first guide those who come later, and those who are born later join those who were born before.

The Maui Fair also provides a wonderful opportunityfor many of us to see old friends andmake new friends at the fairground. We are ableto hear the young children screaming on the scaryrides, and the sounds of coins being tossed for achance to win a big stuffed animal. This is truly anevent that is enjoyed by everyone.

As you already know, Wailuku Hongwanji Missionhas been participating at the Maui Fair formany years and is known as the "Chow FunTemple" by many of our community members.People look forward to purchasing our tasty chowfun at the Maui Fair.

Why is our chow fun so famous and tasty? Dowe have secret ingredients that we add to ourchow fun? I don’t think we have any secret ingredient,but our chow fun tastes so good. We believeit’s the best on Maui!

Can you imagine that we have to cook overfive tons of chow fun noodles? We cook 658batches in the wok during the 4-day event. Wehave kept the same taste for over 40 years. Weare passing this wonderful legacy to the peoplewho are able to support our project.

How do we pass our legacy on to the nextgeneration? We have many committee meetingswith lots of volunteers. The chairs communicatewith each other prior to the event and an evaluationmeeting is held to listen and accept suggestionsfor the following years. Most importantly, wehave the attitude of "Willing to work together fornot only our temple’s benefit, but also for the joyof our friendship, fellowship, and our community."

We, Wailuku Hongwanji members, friends,and affiliates members, all become one. We allwork together. If I say we have a secret for thegreat taste of our chow fun, I would like to saythat "The secret is that we are passing and receivingthe wonderful legacy together with the greatmind of Namo Amida Butsu." This will continuefor many years to come.

Shinran Shonin expressed his gratitude in hiswriting in the Kyo-gyo-shin-sho, which is "Teaching,Practice, Faith, and Enlightenment" and hesaid, "Those who have been born first guidethose who come later, and those who are bornlater join those who were born before." – (Collectedworks of Shinran on p. 291 #119 Passage onthe Land of Happiness.) This means we all are ableto follow in their great footsteps and pass on thejoy and happiness to the next generation.

We are not only passing on the taste of thechow fun noodles but also providing the greatguidance and spirits of the Nembutsu—the heartof thinking of others, and Namo Amida Butsu toall our community throughout the Maui Fair.

I guess these are the secret ingredients weare putting in our chow fun noodles. They are notonly tasting the chow fun noodles, but also thegreat guidance of the Nembutsu, Namo AmidaButsu through this project and enjoying the guidanceof the Nembutsu.

Namu Amida Butsu