Namu Amida Butsu

SHIN-NEN AKEMASHITE OMEDETO GOZAIMASU. Happy New Year and Best Wishes to all our Nembutsu family and friends.

On the dawn of the year 2019, may we all recite Amida’s Holy name, Namo Amida Butsu with the sincere mind of gratitude and appreciation and rejoice in the spiritual joy and happiness with Amida Buddha.

The year 2019 will be busy for all of us but it will also be a memorable year. Wailuku Hongwanji Mission, will be observing our 120th Anniversary on October 20th, 2019. In order for this special commemoration to be successful, members must participate and rejoice in the temple’s services, activities, and be proud of our temple’s history.

I firmly believe that every good deed that we do in the community is planting seeds for the future. Your smile, your kind words, your support, your thoughts and your Dana are making Wailuku Hongwanji’s future. The joy of happiness is not only one’s happiness but others as well. Wailuku Hongwanji members bring many people into our temple so they may receive Amida’s spiritual enrichments through the guidance of the Nembutsu. A Nembutsu follower can be described as an individual who cares about others and rejoices in the joy of happiness. We inherited valuable guidance from our Nembutsu pioneers.

When you are planting your flower garden, you first have to plant seeds of the flower. Then you add water and fertilizer. From there we are able to see the beautiful flowers in our garden and receive great feelings of peace and tranquility. May we offer our joy of the happiness to others, not only Hongwanji members, but to the entire community and celebrate our 120th Anniversary throughout the year of 2019. So, may we all nurture our country, our Ohana, and sangha and grow together and rejoice in the happiness of our community.

As I mentioned earlier, we need fertilizer to feed the seeds. The various activities that we will experience this year are the fertilizer that are feeding our hearts and minds. May we plant wonderful and great seeds of the Nembutsu and receive the beautiful fragrance of the Nembutsu from our community. May our families, children, grandchildren and new members be truly blessed by the great guidance of the Nembutsu, share wonderful joy of the life with others and may the voice of the Nembutsu echo throughout the island of Maui.

May we all plant the seeds of the Nembutsu and rejoice in the great happiness and joy with the wonderful smiles from our Nembutsiu Ohana families.

We take our refuge in the Vow of the Buddha. Reciting the Name, we will live through life with strength and gratitude.

We revere the Light of the Buddha. We will put our efforts in our work with self-reflection and gratitude. We follow the guidance of the Buddha. Discerning the Right Path, We will spread the True Dharma.

We rejoice in the Compassion of the Buddha. We will respect and help others and do our best for the welfare of humankind.

May we all be blessed with Amida Buddha’s Infinite Wisdom and Compassion. Again, Happy New Year.

Namo Amida Butsu