The Clover Report May 2024

This April the Sakura 4-H clubs participated in the annual 4-H Teach-in held at UH Maui. Starting off our Teach-in report are the Aloha Girls who worked diligently in preparing for teach-in. They hosted a teach-in practice at the Social Hall for the Sakura 4-H groups and had 3 participants at the teach-in. Each girl did an impressive job reading a poem of choice.

For some of the Lōkahi Girls this was their second year at Teach-in while othYOUTH ORGANIZATIONS Sakura 4-H Clubs ~ The Clover Report Sammy Takamura Lōkahi Girls visit Chang Farm. Ava & Cara smiling after receiving blue ribbons for their sushi demo. Janie and Karisa demonstrating homemade pop tarts. Malama Dolphins enjoying a meal at Waihe’e Refuge. Sakura 4-H County Teach-in participants ers had their first experience presenting in front of an audience of their peers, other 4-Hers and families. The brave girls tried their best to work through any jitters that comes with public speaking and are already thinking of ideas for next year.

The Malama Dolphins showed up strong. Cara and Ava demonstrated how to make spicy tuna rolls while Karisa and Janie demonstrated how to make homemade pop tarts. The girls researched and learned a lot about the different ingredients we used for each of our recipes. They worked together to create their own slideshow to accompany the live demonstration.

The day’s event ended with all 4Hers making doggy toys using cotton shirts to be donated to the Human Society. The day’s events ended with the judges awarding ribbons and giving feedback for all presenters. The best part about Teach-in, everyone agrees, was taste testing all of the ‘ono food samples! klkk

Other happenings:

Lōkahi Girls

The Lōkahi Girls had a hands-on experience at Chang Farms this past month. Chang Farms was started in 2020 by Natasha and Deashia Chang. The land was originally purchased in the 1800’s by Natasha’s great grandparents Ying `A`ana Chang and Hattie Kukahiko. The unassuming farm is in a prime resort area in Mākena. Despite everything around being developed, the farm retains its humble charm and local feel. The girls and parents enjoyed an invigorating tour of the farm and property which spans an impressive 6 acres. They were fortunate to have the opportunity to make kalo poke and pound pa’i’ai from locally grown kalo. Chang Farms using regenerative farming techniques by utilizing mulch to keep the lands cool and worm stations throughout their farm as natural fertilization for their soil. The girls are grateful for the experience that helped expand their knowledge on their chosen project of Food, Health, and Nutrition.

Malama Dolphins: In March, the Dolphins camped for 2 nights at the Waihe’e Refuge and enjoyed making s’mores and popcorn over the campfire. During the daytime, they hiked to the Waihe’e Stream and swam and at night went sand crab hunting and hung out in our tents.

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